Funding Priorities

Preserving and Strengthening Jewish Life and the Jewish People

The Foundation seeks to build and sustain vibrant Jewish life and connected communities which are welcoming to all and inspire Jews to explore the richness Judaism offers. We support both innovative ideas and historic institutions, focusing both on cities in which our board members live as well as areas with less robust communal offerings. Specifically, we endeavor to:

  • Foster Jewish Identity, by funding innovative programs that bring together Jews in their 20s and 30s to explore their Jewish identities and form meaningful communities; and by expanding resources and opportunities that engage families with young children in Jewish life in creative and dynamic ways.
  • Showcase Jewish Arts & Culture, by supporting programs that share and celebrate the artistic accomplishments of the Jewish people, preserve memories of our Jewish heritage, and enhance the field of Jewish performing arts.
  • Build & Strengthen Jewish Life in Emerging Communities, by supporting programs that build internal leadership and develop programs that deepen Jewish identity in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Combat Antisemitism, by ensuring justice and fair treatment so Jewish communities can live in peace and safety; and fostering respect and understanding through education.
  • Help People in Need, by ensuring that vital social, welfare, and educational resources and services are available to all members of the Jewish community, so they can live their lives with health, dignity and fulfillment.

Please note that at this time, the Foundation is not funding projects in, or about, Israel.


Fostering Access to and Appreciation of Performing Arts

The Foundation seeks to share the joy, the richness, and the benefits that performing arts bring to one’s life by making performing arts an integral part of individual, family, and community life. Specifically, we work to promote and sustain the fields of music and dance through:

  • Arts Access, providing access to high-quality arts education and performances to youth from socio-economically disadvantaged communities.
  • Arts Appreciation, helping to engender greater exploration and appreciation of the performing arts amongst new audiences.
  • Arts Excellence, nurturing the development of talented, emerging artists.



Enhancing the Well-Being of Children
and Families

The Foundation believes strongly in promoting healthy development for families with young children at the earliest and most formative years, by employing strategic systems-building strategies focused on:

  • Preventive Mental Health Support Services, by proactively identifying and addressing the mental health and behavioral health needs of mothers with new babies and families with young children.
  • Improving the Social & Emotional Well-Being of Children in School Settings, by supporting family engagement initiatives that build strong relationships of trust and understanding between teachers and the families of young children.