Funding Priorities

Engaging Individuals, Families, and Communities in Jewish Life

The Foundation seeks to build and sustain vibrant Jewish life and connected communities which are welcoming to all and inspire Jews to explore the richness Judaism offers. We support both innovative ideas and historic institutions, and specifically, we endeavor to:

  • Foster Jewish Identity, by funding innovative programs that bring together Jews in their 20s and 30s to explore their Jewish identities and form meaningful communities; and by expanding resources and opportunities that engage families with young children in Jewish life in creative and dynamic ways.

  • Build & Strengthen Jewish Life in Emerging Communities, by supporting programs that build internal leadership and develop programs that deepen Jewish identity in Central and Eastern Europe.

Please note that the Foundation does not fund projects in, or about, Israel.

Excellence and Inspiration in Arts and Culture

The Foundation seeks to share the joy, richness, and benefits that performing arts bring to one’s life by making performing arts an integral part of individual, family, and community life. Specifically, we work to:

  • Create Opportunities for Engagement, Appreciation, and the Pursuit of Excellence in the Performing Arts, by supporting greater exploration and appreciation of the performing arts amongst new audiences, enhancing arts education and performances in disadvantaged communities, and nurturing the development of talented, emerging artists.

  • Showcase Jewish Arts and Culture, by supporting programs that share and celebrate the artistic accomplishments of the Jewish people, preserve memories of Jewish heritage, and enhance the field of Jewish performing arts.


Strengthening Families and Society

The Foundation seeks to create a vibrant and equitable society where children and families flourish, and all people are treated with respect and feel accepted and safe. Specifically, we endeavor to:

  • Promote Behavioral Health Support Services, by identifying and addressing the behavioral and mental health needs of pregnant women, mothers with new babies and families with young children. This work is focused on employing strategic systems-building strategies in a variety of settings including, but not limited to: schools, child care centers, health care providers and home visiting programs.

  • Create a More Civil Society, by investing in and championing education that promotes equality, deepens understanding of democracy, increases social justice, and teaches people to productively engage in a civil society.

  • Combat Antisemitism, by ensuring justice and fair treatment for Jewish communities and foster respect and understanding through education.